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I stayed at Le Couvent des Récollets for three months. Here are some notes on facilities available in the vicinity of Gare De l'Est.

Post offices

There is one in the gare de l'est station but its well touristy and doesn't sell normal stamps. The one right outside around the corner on 158 Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin (next to Avenue du Verdun) is better. You can self-weigh and print postage labels. They also do that Colissimo package pickup things if you want to receive naughty packages which you dont want to send to your home address but to a personal box for later pickup.


There is a scientific book publisher opposite the Recollets. They are great and do not charge any admin fee unlike the Office Depot on Magenta. The small indian convienience stores all the way down rue du faubourg saint martin will also do a quick b/w print if you are desperate but print quality quite poor. Finally, Imprimier Magenta at the intersection of boulevard de Magenta and Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin is good for large digital prints.

Best for high quality photographic prints will be Vikart on 29 Rue des Vinaigriers 75010 Paris around the corner of the wall from Recollets


Don't recognise any of the french/european banks except HSBC which is is one street away if you walk straight out from Recollets' door, near bus terminus.

Breakfast food

Great croissants and breads at Schmid Traiteur à Paris at 76 boulevard de Strasbourg.


Marché couvert Saint Quentin is the closest. There is also a franprix on boulevard de Magenta.

Late night food

Tasty crepes stand near bus terminus.


38, 39, 47, these three are totally essential....

38 will take you on a very scenic route to and from Marais/the Latin Quarter. It will also go close to pompidou/beaubourg, and go past BHV/Hotel de ville, and across the Seine and all. Very lovely.