Getting the things I want

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I always get the things that I want.

But first, I must be certain about what I really want.

Like what?

  • i want to have a beer with simon i have no need for negative people
  • i want to study in london october 2010
  • i want to make good music
  • i want to finish my dream map
  • i want to have one exhibition of works by 2010 in singapore
  • i want to be so proficient in flash that i can make anything i want
  • i want to be able to do simple electronics
  • i want to be able to understand how electrical things are wired up in an average house
  • i want to be able to understand how the plumbing works
  • i want to learn russian
  • i want to visit russia
  • i want to become more fluent in chinese and dialect chinese
  • i want to learn japanese and take JLPT4 in 2010