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Additional Operators

if your email is, it is the same as:


  • ema.i.ln.ame

you get the idea. the dots can be anywhere it will still go to your email. also you can add words at the end after a plus sign and it will also go to your email

you can use this a way to filter suspected spammy sites. like by signing up to websites with

Gmail themes

themes were introduced.

Gmail search shortcuts

today i woke up and realised i had nearly 200 unread gmails scattered through my inbox. i gave up and found this: l:^u. this delicious little morsel will retrieve all your unread gmail. l:^i l:^u will get you unread mail in your inbox alone.

general operators
  • from:username
  • to:username
  • cc:username
  • bcc:username
  • subject:keyword
  • filename:file
  • has:attachment
  • after:2008/5/13
  • before:2008/5/13

label:labelname / l:labelname

  • is:inbox
  • is:chat
  • is:trash
  • is:spam
  • is:starred
  • is:unread
  • is:read

label titles:

  • ^b chats
  • ^f sent mail
  • ^i inbox
  • ^k trash
  • ^r draft
  • ^s spam
  • ^t starred messages
  • ^u unread mail

boolean operators:

  • OR
  • -
  • +
  • "exact phrase"
  • (grouped words)

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