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Google is God.

Google Search Shortcuts

Google URL in its most basic form:

Google uses Unicode UTF-8 to encode the query string.

  • &as_qdr=d (filter by date, drop down menu will appear: d | m3 | m6 | y)
  • &as_occt=any (filter by where words appear on page: any | title | body | url | links)
  • &num=2 (filter number of results you see per page)
  • (restrict results from specific site)

See Also: Advanced Google Operators


  • define:keyword | definition of word
  • ~keyword | search for the word and its synonyms
  • + other standard boolean operators


  • + - ^ /
  • multiply is not indicated by the asterisk because it stands for undefined space between keywords. so searching for "tasty * jam" will return "tasty tomato jam", "tasty strawberry jam", "tasty traffic jam", etc.


oldunit in newunits. example of a query: "5 GBP in SGD"

  • currency: GBP SGD RMB USD
  • weight: kg pound
  • liquid: ml litre pint quart
  • cloth: yard m
  • percentage: %

Specific search

  • “keyword” | specific/country domain
  • filetype:mp3 "keyword" | fileformat
  • related:url | related pages
  • link:url | linked pages
  • site:url | search only within the site
  • info:url | information about pages
  • cache:url | view cached page

you can also do text searches for keywords only in the titles of pages (allintitle:), keywords only in the body text (intext:, allintext:), keywords in books (book), searches for websafe items (safesearch:). other things less likely to be used are phone numbers (phonebook:), business phone numbers (bphonebook:), residental phone numbers (rphonebook:), movie times (movie:), stock quotes (stock:) and the weather (weather:)

Google Searchwiki

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