Healthcare Futures Workshop

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  • defining a robot is difficult.
  • there is no singular care receiver - many different stereotypical uses (problematic), many different value systems.
  • if robots are defined by tasks they can accomplish, in which ways do their performance excel over humans?

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DIY robotics

  • medical care
  • diy robot surgery
  • diy robot _______
  • diy diet machine food printer
  • diy medication printer / chemputer / molecular spectrometer - selling rights to print drugs
  • diy massage robot


  • NPC-equivalent in our real world
    • Free-roaming bots which cause small amounts of chaos - in far away/rural areas
    • robots which endear by being mostly right but sometimes mischievously wrong.
    • Unplugging cables so a human must come in to fix things
  • robots which go around earning love credits where they can
    • how to measure connections made? not about quantity though
    • more about the quality of one or two relationships
    • if something runs only for the duration that the user is alive. if its energy source is tied together to the user.
  • what if a robot was expected to relay messages but it didn’t send to the right person - performing robot messengers. they sing out a message. performing in the style of someone.


  • dying with robot - world in which all humans no commnuication. need a mental care robot. [how does economy work alone????]
  • Me - single lonely man share loneliness with himself - mirror robot (so sad...)
  • another sense project - replace lost senses with new third sense -- spider (PSIDER???) see more with spider eyes, dogbird nose for smell, sea anemone hands, mosquito food suckers, dolphin ear extension for hearing supersonic waves. understanding machine conversation from it.
  • Precious Experience Albam - record, replay, replay 70 years later


Not here not now Provocative futures, parallel realities, alternative worlds

Fantasy land, Japan inventing itself Make reality better, not by designing for existing realities but by looking at other futures and realities.

All designers at present look to the future, products are made for a few years ahead, we already anticipate how future is going to be like when designing products

These are potential futures There is scenario design and planning done in huge companies for many years now

What are preferable futures and realities? Sceptical futurist website

Forecasting Trends analysis Envisioning Scenario planning What if Counterfactual Thought experiments Reduction as absurdum World building Design fictions Artefacts from the future Design probes

Not here, not now. When u design for elsewhere what form do you use?

Invisible hertzian dimensions different responses. Some were worried some were excited to discover another dimension to their actions. Chair with many compasses - furniture and concepts. Then taking it to electronic products.

Mockups of complex technology United micro kingdoms The design museum Solutions magazine - reimagines countries. World building > world hinting

Start with values. Priorities dreams hopes fears anxieties Build alternative world Bring the artefacts back Reverse engineer them.... See it like in a historical museum and when u read then

Cars designed by designers

Cars and flight design spaces Selfndriving cars