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What is the size of our current flat in london?


  • The Shed is 60m2 / 645 sq feet
  • The average new British home is now just 925 square feet – barely HALF the size they were in the 1920s. Average homes 90 years ago usually measured 1,647 sq ft with 4 bedrooms. Average new home is 78m2.
  • In London they have a new minimum space standard as part of the London Plan. For new flats the minimum standards are 37 m2 (398 ft2) for one person, 50 m2 (538 ft2) for two people in one bedroom, 61 m2 (657 ft2) for three people with two bedrooms, 70 m2 (753 ft2) for four people in two bedrooms and 74 m2 (797 ft2) for four people in three bedrooms.

What is the size of the average singaporean family's first home?

  • for young couples starting a family - 4 room flat - Approx floor area 90m2 / 968.752 square foot


The Civil Defence Shelter Engineering Department (CDSD) of the Special Functions Group, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) vets and issues notice of approval of shelter plans, and conducts regulatory inspections and commissioning of shelters.

QPs engaged by owners or developers are to ensure that the design of household or storey shelters complies with the "Technical Requirements for Household Shelters" or "Technical Requirements for Storey Shelters", whichever is applicable. QPs have to ensure that plans of household or storey shelters are prepared, submitted for approval, constructed and commissioned in accordance with the "Guidelines for Plan Submission, Construction and Commissioning of Household or Storey Shelters".





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