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auto curve smoothing

Curve Precision. A higher Curve Precision value increases the number of anchors that will be left after simplifying. Angle Threshold. This slider can be used to prevent some angle anchors from being smoothed into curves.

live trace


  • IGNORE WHITE when tracing. go to Menu > Window > Image Trace > Advanced (drop down) and check ignore white so when live trace it will not look at the white isolated background

Isometric in illustrator

  • draw cubes / grids
  • scale cubes 86.062% exactly
  • shear 30%
  • rotate -30%


  • Save Artboards as Separate Files
  • With the image and clipping mask still selected, in the transparency palette select any mode other than 'Normal'. Select Object > Flatten Transparency. Set the Raster/Vector Balance to 100 (Raster). Click 'OK'.


  • apple-J to join
  • apple-8 to combine compound path
  • ctrl-shift-I to make that perspective grid go away

Batch Convert AI to JPG

after poking about i figured out that you can use bridge > tools > photoshop > image processor to export AI to JPG to whatever specifications you want. before finding out this function i tried this:

3D Extrude

  • Draw Hidden Faces
  • Expand Appearance


You can apply to Fills - apply multiple ones in opposite direction and get cross hatches

3d rotate


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