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  1. Download Indexhibit.
  2. Unzip their folder and FTP the contents to the httpdocs directory.
  3. Using your FTP client, change permissions for the following directories to 777
    • files
    • files/gimgs
    • ndxz-studio/config
  4. Create a database for Indexhibit
    • Login to Plesk and select your domain
    • Inside Databases, click Add New Database
    • Enter a name for the database and click OK. Save this information in a safe place.
    • Click Add New Database User
    • Enter a user name and password and click OK. Save this information as well.
  5. Go to the URL: and follow the instructions.
  6. On page 2 you will enter your database information from above
    • Exhibition Name: the name of your site.
    • Database Server: "localhost" (without quotes).
    • Database Name: the name of your database.
    • Database Username: the username of your database user.
    • Database Password: the password for your database user.
  7. After installation delete 'install.php' from the ndxz-studio directory. This is very important, your website could be hacked if you don't do this.
  8. If you are happy with Indexhibit you should consider donating to support its development.