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If Labour keeps telling working class people they're saying the wrong thing, they'll start talking to Theresa May Everyone has Google, but not everyone has been given the tools to educate themselves. You might have missed the memo on the ins and outs of intersectionality if you didn’t have an expensive private education

Labour voters were lost to Ukip because they want “straight talking” people, not spin. Now the Tory Government that is explicitly stating it wants to reach out to them too.

Claiming that it’s “not your job to educate people” doesn’t really work in politics, where social empowerment is found in teaching one another about experiences, theories and ideology. There is nothing safe about a space where participants are berated for not using the proper terminology to describe a complex social phenomenon. And there is nothing noble or compassionate about throwing “uneducated” people under the bus because you don’t want to have a difficult conversation.

As she made abundantly clear this week, if Labour keeps closed down the dialogue with the working class, Theresa May is more than happy to open it