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Things to do with lotus notes

Make a poll

  • Type into the email. Highlight the word.
  • Create > Hotspot > Button
  • Add Action to the button
  • @function > enter script into the dialog box

Sample script (replace email with the right domains):

choicelist:="Yes":"No":"What the hell I havent got time for this":"KILL ALL LOTUS NOTES DIALOG BOXES";
email:="Username/R-------- S--/O--";
title:="Did you know that you can run polls from within Lotus Notes?";
message:="Please select one of the following options:"; 

choice := @Prompt([OkCancelList]:[NoSort];title; message ; "" ; choicelist);
@MailSend(email;"";"";@Name([Abbreviate] ; @UserName + " has chosen " + choice ));
@Prompt([Ok] ;"Finished" ; "Thank you for voting! Your reply was sent to Debbie!")


i have realised that this polling system has one crucial error...

the poll works forever. it never expires.

after i sent that survey to my colleagues, one of my colleagues proceeded to press it over and over again a few hundred times for the fun of it... and so my box filled up with hundreds of poll messages...


Why Lotus Notes is nonetheless still the stupidest program in the world

as i use lotus notes on a mac, sometimes i dont know if its user unfriendliness stems from the sharp contrast it makes with the intuitive ease of using Mac OS, or if its just because Lotus Notes is indeed simply made very poorly without any attention paid to design usability.

Cannot delete timesheet




there is NO WAY to delete a timesheet EVER

sometimes it will try to annoy you by pretending to concede by putting a cancel line through the item. this does not mean its deleted. it just means lotus has put a line over your item, which means absolutely fuckall!! DO NOT BELIEVE LOTUS NOTES! the item will never be deleted! EVER! you will have to live with the 15 minutes timesheeted there for the hell of it. when you submit your timesheet it will still have the offending hours onnit!

"Object variable not set" Error also appears for no reason when selecting certain jobs. It happens so often to me and I have asked IT and Finance about it but apparently there is no logical solution other than to turn off Lotus Notes and turn it on again so that it can reload everything from the start again.

Cannot delete email


why have a delete button on this window if it never works??

it should be a basic feature to be able to DELETE the email you are currently viewing!

if you press ok, you will be bounced out of it and be unable to find the OFFENDING EMAIL YOU WANT TO DELETE


Marking unread emails as read is misclassified under EDIT

You may imagine that marking unread emails as read should be considered an ACTION just like flagging an email or something.

But that's not the case, as we all know that Lotus Notes is completely illogical. Its inexplicably under EDIT instead.

Terrible and confusing user interface.


Can't close timesheet without entering hours

Sometimes you just want to put the job in at the start of the day. But you can't. you have to fill it in with fake hours, or else it will give you this shouty error message that is syntactically hard to read thanks to all the extra punctuation and useless reference to numbers and the DELETE WORD IN CAPS FOR NO REASON ENTIRELY AS IF ITS AN UNREASONABLE PERSON SHOUTING AT YOU


Takes 2-3 minutes to login

This may be the problem of our servers, but honestly, its so infernally slow that i may as well go get a coffee while waiting for Lotus Notes to fire up.


When i see this, i always misread it as WWASTETIME. WHICH IT IS....

Multiple Login passwords required / changes every few weeks

There is absolutely NO NEED for the images of keys to change while you type in the password. THIS DOES NOT ADD TO THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE PROGRAM. WHAT I NEED IS FOR THE INFERNAL PROGRAM TO JUST WORK!

Secondly, having so many passwords with so many requirements (digits, capitals) is so confusing (especially with them having to be changed every 60 days) that most people write their passwords on their computer so they wont forget them - THUS DEFEATING PURPOSE OF HAVING PASSWORDS IN FIRST PLACE...

Audio Distorsion Problem / MAKES ITUNES SKIP AND LAG

this is unforgivable. it is the main reason why i turn off lotus notes for most of the day, because when you leave it on for too long, it starts causing audio interference with itunes, putting blank spots in the audio output. it is clear that the cause for audio distorsion is lotus notes' fault as it immediately goes away when lotus notes is turned off.

this happens to me on a daily basis and my colleague sitting next to me also confirms that this happens to him too, and that the solution is to turn off Lotus Notes so it wont make iTunes skip.