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key press

I installed the key press template. This template currently handles up to 10 key name parameters, which should be more than enough to accommodate for any possible combination of simultaneous keystrokes.


{{key press|A}}A

To illustrate keystroke combinations, just use extra parameters:

{{key press|Alt|P}}Alt+P
{{key press|Ctrl|Alt|Del}}Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • {{key press|Shift}}⇧ Shift
  • {{key press|Tab}}Tab ↹
  • {{key press|Enter}}↵ Enter
  • {{key press|Option}}⌥ Option
  • {{key press|Opt}}⌥ Opt
  • {{key press|Command}}⌘ Command
  • {{key press|Cmd}}⌘ Cmd
  • {{key press|Caps Lock}}⇪ Caps Lock
  • {{key press|Scroll Lock}}Scroll Lock
  • {{key press|Up}}
  • {{key press|Down}}
  • {{key press|Left}}
  • {{key press|Right}}
  • {{key press|Win}}⊞ Win
  • {{key press|Menu}}≣ Menu

See more: Template:Key press/doc