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OneMap SLA Training 23 June 2012

  • JS/REST APIS to retrieve data and maps
    • Simple js function - getonemap (embed)
    • REST functions - reverse geocode address
  • Uses Local Projection SVY21. Converts from WGS84 (google maps)
  • About 51 layers - dustbin location, dengue clusters etc - to use you should access the Mashup API


  • GetOnemap - get map with basemap
  • AddressSearch - get data for address inclding geocode
  • Mashup API - retrieve themes data
  • Advance Mashup API - to retrieve themes data based on geometry type
  • Get Directions API - routing
  • Static Map API - just return image
  • Reverse Geocode - get building adress from geocode
  • Coordinate Converter - converts coordinates from WGS84 to SVY21 (and vice versa)
  • Crowdsourcing (beta) - communities on top of the map


Rather than building all the presentation layers, onemap rides on esri api

Why use OneMap

  • API for native apps (iOs, windows, android), APIs for webapps
  • free usage of API, no restriction
  • new themes added all the time


  • ShowNearby Analytics
  • Quantum inventions - live traffic conditions
  • Surround Networks location based commerce
  • lots of websites use it for their businesses
  • URA season parking website etc

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