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I listen to BBC iplayer. I listened to it until I had nothing else to listen to for the day. The channels i favour are: BBC 1, 4, and 7. And 1xtra. Here are useless notes:

  • eating only fat OR only sugar is okay. but what is dangerous is the combination of fat and sugar that is what makes people eat them nonstop (50/50 fat and sugar)
  • "It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it." -- George Carlin
  • a strange article parodying ayn rand. segment on her doing speed in a bathroom and writing the new chapter of atlas shrugged on a piece of toilet roll whilst in that bathroom stall. eventually she says she can't really publish this new chapter because she wasn't so much writing as she was encoding those 25000 words with her teeth into the toilet paper.
  • Cuisenaire rods - used to teach fractions - looks a bit like lego but can be used to illustrate simple math
  • allium - i read a funny article about onions and how it was more caramelised goodness than allium. good image.
  • get your ducks in a row - read a funny post about someone who got everything prepared and said all his ducks were in a row, like in a shooting gallery
  • William Stark - the first martyr of nutritional science, who devised 24 restrictive diets - investigating scurvy by experimenting on himself with fatal consequences. he died after 8 mths, whilst on a diet of only honey puddings and Cheshire cheese.
  • cashew nuts: lady who ate one cashew nut every evening. "i feel enormous. i'm afraid i won't be able to sleep for worrying about it."
  • apples: lady who travelled to every shop in exeter to find perfect apples, they ahd to be the perfect shape and size. when the fridge was too full, she would take all the apples out and line them up in order, and the ones that were borderline, she would smash them into the ground and throw them away.
  • Best Boris Johnson quotables: "inverted pyramid of piffle" and "cyclised city of pioneers"
  • Afternoon Story: Perfect Lives - more like perfect lies! Lies to convince middle class britain to aim lower and settle for less! Rosie Cavaliero, I am somehow thoroughly unimpressed by the story.
  • Balearic Beat: Balearic Beat was named for its popularity among European nightclub and beach rave patrons on the Balearic island of Ibiza
  • Raoul Vaneigem: People who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life, without understanding what is subversive about love and what is positive in the refusal of constraints, such people have a corpse in their mouth.
  • apparently, tea was introduced to the british isles because of the desire to have a sober, industrious population.
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch - gyre of garbage floating in sea, in a big circle because of the tides!
  • "BBRRRING BRRRING!" "The humour you are attempting, is unattainable" (From 40 nights in the Wildebeest)
  • Ofsted - Ofsted is responsible for inspecting the standards of independent schools and state schools, local education authorities, child day care and childminding in England. It also monitors the work of the Independent Schools Inspectorate. HMI are empowered and required to provide independent advice to the United Kingdom government and parliament on matters of policy and to publish an annual report to parliament on the quality of educational provision in England. Safeguarding children review and reports for 2008 and 2005. (funny mark thomas show talkin about how ofsted officials should also be educators - sch bureacracy etc etc)
  • Old man who called up Tech Support about how he couldn't find the shutdown button on Windows says that the problem is that he could not understand why he had to press the Start button in order to see the shutdown button. Computer illiterate people are being left behind as certain social services and public utilities move their services online to save customer costs.
  • "Allah allah" - middle east comedy show
  • "Hoo Haa! Hezbollah!"
  • A series of Psychotic Episodes - "Jungle is dead. East London grime mcs are flocking to the countryside and becoming... Horse racing commentators"
  • The indifferent enemy, as described by Thomas Mann - in reference to young men killed in the prime of their iconoclastic selves. Like Zarathusha
  • Harry Harlow - American psychologist best known for his maternal-separation and social isolation experiments on rhesus monkeys, which demonstrated the importance of care-giving and companionship in social and cognitive development.
  • Merino wool comes from Merino Sheep, a special kind of sheep which is especially wrinkly and produces a lot more wool than normal sheep. however their folds trap moisture and they often are susceptible to flystrike which can be fatal. at the centre of the animal rights debate is the issue of mulesing these sheep to prevent flrstrikes
  • Sedlec Ossuary - made of skulls and bones
  • Animals which live underground are likelier to lose their limbs and senses
  • Cataracts or clouding of the lens is common enough that it may affect at least 50% of people when they get older, like an egg white slowly cooking...
  • Literacy is not a place, its a state of being.
  • story about a farmer who lost FIVE HUNDRED HENS - reporter: "how easy would it have been to steal them?" farmer: "like picking mushrooms!"
  • "...look, i know that passes for local colour in the bermuda triangle of ilford, dartford, and standford le hope, but this is....____snarky remark here" - funny bit from Chambers (A Case with a View)
  • a shilling is equivalent to 5p
  • sub focus's could this be real dnb remix (ram records) is #1 on the D&B charts for the last few weeks. (jan 2010)
  • bbc continuity announcers:
A: "can i please have some more sir?"
B: "no, no, why are you doing oliver when you look more like... a mr bumble"
A: "....WOTTTTTTT???"


  • crouton is a japanese sofa
  • cocker spaniel tartare
  • "is the dodo steak rare?" "increasingly so, sir"
  • "i only shoot what i can eat." "lets hope its your foot then."
  • apparently the closest word to "vegetarian" in some african tongues is "poor hunter".
  • "This is clearly lofi progressive post-house merged with neo-postpunk-inspired dubstep and crusty month-old vegetables."

notebooks scrawlings

and in a similar vein, ideas on pieces of paper in my room as i clear them and prepare to move again....

  • "american prisons are romanian hotels"
  • is there a term for the refusal to finish a roll of film
  • cold pizza and flat diet coke, microwavable tupperware
  • "God forgot who the fuck she is. And reason is God's mirror stage. 'Oh, that's me, I'm God.'"

whatever notes

  • give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back to, and reasons to stay

cultural references

  • sex in the city is a remake of tenko? - Tenko is a television drama, co-produced by the BBC and the ABC - about the experiences of British, Australian and Dutch women who were captured after the fall of Singapore in February 1942, after the Japanese invasion, and held in a Japanese internment camp on a Japanese-occupied island between Singapore and Australia. Having been separated from their husbands, herded into makeshift holding camps and largely forgotten by the British War Office, the women have to learn to cope with appalling living conditions, malnutrition, disease, violence and death.


  • if you could take an insurance policy out against racism, this (mentioning immigration) would probably take your premiums up....