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never underestimate stock photography and its usefulness!

  • 123rf

Images that iStock does need:

  • Corporate shots: Illustrate the many sides of modern business.
  • Concepts and Visual Metaphors: Go beyond the literal, and help a designer explain something in a new way.
  • Food and Beverages: Cuisines from around the globe.
  • Groups & Teams: People working together.
  • Holiday & Seasonal Themes: Show all the ways we celebrate. Include more than religious celebrations; let's see local festivals and customs as well.
  • Non-Business Jobs: The word is filled with mechanics, garbage men, baristas, and more.
  • People Interacting: Human interaction is a constant in this world.
  • Religion and Spirituality: The rich tapestry of the world's beliefs.
  • Science and Technology: Accurate and true depictions of the cutting edge of human knowledge.
  • Social Issues: Poignant looks into the issues that impact us.
  • Sports: For fun, for fitness, for glory. We'd love to see more team sports.

Images that iStock does not need:

  • 3D – Simple Renders: Go beyond the easy and obvious presets.
  • 3D – Extruded Text: Simple 3D text is not enough.
  • 3D – Simplistic Modeling: Spend more time with your polygons.
  • Airplane Wings (& out the window shots): Wait until you land to shoot the vacation shots.
  • Flags: 3D or real, give us something more than the basic flags.
  • Light Blurs: Fun for photo clubs, but rarely is it good stock.
  • Nature Snap Shots: Sweeping vistas and insect macros are great – yet another forest floor is not.
  • Photoshop Backgrounds, Fractals: We've all had fun with filters. Designers are looking for images that they can't quickly make themselves with a few button pushes.
  • People Doing Nothing: Get your models doing something!
  • Shadows of People, Headless People: Photograph people or do not. There is no try.
  • Single Apples (or Green Peppers or Oranges) Isolated on White: The day of the single fruit isolated on white has passed.
  • Sunsets, Cloudscapes, Skies: Be sure the sky really is stunning before uploading.
  • Symbols: !$%@ – Whether rendered or photographed, typographic symbols are less interesting than you think.
  • Your Immediate Environment: There's life beyond your front door!