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Singapore Suppliers

OCRed a list compiled from Maker Tour - digitized here for future reference

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  1. Garlin Pte Ltd - Engineering Materials — Rubber Sheets / Block, Delrin Rods / Sheet, Nylon Rod, Teflon Sheet, PVC Sheet - 0-Ring, Tubing / Hose (including chemical resistant types), Silicone Sheet (for vibration dampening)
  2. Chip Soon Aluminium Pte Ltd - Rockwool, Gypsum Board (false ceilings), Polycarbonate Sheet, Composite Panel, Aluminium Extrusions
  3. Alltools Trading Pte Ltd - Quality Hand/Specialty Tools (Toptul/JTC/Snap-On), Dremel Accessories, Shop Equipment and Safety
  4. Tat Beng Battery Service - Lead Acid Batteries (Maintenance-Free / Wet-Cell), Chargers and Battery Water
  5. Winly Paints Pte Ltd - A3 Thinner, Gloss/Matt Lacquer, Sandpaper for Wood/Other Materials, Wood Filler, Painting Equipment
  6. Sin Yeh Metal Pte Ltd - Stainless Steel Sheets and Sections
  7. Teck Cheong Aluminium - Aluminium Profiles and Pipes
  8. Yong Seng Screws - Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Threaded Rod, Handles, Drawer Mechanism, Hinges, Knobs, Stoppers
  9. Liko Trade Centre - Cable Ties, Tie Bases, Cable Channels, Heat Shrink Tubing, Expandable Sleeving, Spiral Wrapping Band
  10. Hean Lee Radio Service - Test Pens, Digital Multi-Meters, Extension Cords, International Adapters, Wiring Accessories
  11. Cable Accessories Networks Pte Ltd - Crimp Terminals, Crimp Tools, Insulating/Self-Amalgamating Tape, Cable Labelling, Heat Shrink Tape
  12. Ocean Wealth Electronics - LED Strips and Controller
  13. Hup Hong Machinery - Pumps, Lathes, Mills, Drills, Presses, Compressors, General Machinery
  14. Kwong Ling Frame Maker - Glass, Tempered Glass, Mirrors (cut to size)
  15. Hai Guan Seng Trading Service - Conduits, Mains Cabling, Cable Protection
  16. Ban Heng Long Trading - Wood Sheets/Beams, Trims, Off-Cuts (including laminated wood and laminates), Cheap Shelving
  17. Kien Hoe Hens Trading Designer Sockets, Circuit Breakers (Ma/ELCS), Cable Glands, Rugs awl Streams
  18. Cedric Leong Auto Supply - 0-Rings, Oil Seals, Bearings
  19. Teck Siong Huat Hardware - Hydraulic/Pneumatic Fittings, Tubing/Hose, Ducting, Hose Clamps
  20. Teck Leong Metals - Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper Sheets/Strips/Pipes/Rods/Blocks
  21. Teck Cheong Hardware - Power Tools, Foam Tape, Sandpaper, Hole Saws, Hardware for Fabeication/Prototyping
  22. Poey Huat Hardware - Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Threaded Rod, Pop Nuts, Expanding Foam, Sealant, Industrial Glue
  23. Chop Eng Bee - Rubber Feet/Bungs, Carabiners, U-Bolt, Racking/Equipment %.14, .stable keigh!., Caster Wheel
  24. SIM LIM TOWER - B1 - Continental Electronics - B1 - Flexi-Tec Electrical Enterprise - B1 - Djun Enterprise - B1 - Davjones Technology - L2 - LHS Electronics Enterprise - L2 - Coprime - L3 - Sinta Electronics - L3 - Bell Systems Electronic - L3 - Sun Light Electronics - L3 - Kaichin Electronics - L3 - Silicon Electronics - L3 - Trek 2000
  25. SIM LIM SQUARE - L2 - Unicell Singapore - L3 - OF Technology - L4 - Cybermind Computer House - L5 - Tradepac Distribution - L6 - DMC Singapore


  • Glass / mirrors: kwong ling, carlton glass, yuen mai glass
  • Acrylic / Acrylic cutting: Dama, AVS and Blk 399 Taman Jurong, #01-47 Yung Sheng Road. S610399

Next door is food court, near 7 eleven store 90702749

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