Swollen Lymph Nodes

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17 sept 2014

18 sept 2014

  • still worrying
  • actually think there are two. one is big and one is pea-sized. next to each other. confusing. maybe i am just lumpy.
  • did a naughty thing and googled the lump again. I read that the right supraclavical lymph node collects lymph in cases of gastrointestinal infections. on the 15th I had some extreme indigestion and what i would say amounts to a gastrointestinal infection - pain in what i think to be spleen, food poisoning, no appetite, stomach pains, toilet runs. symptoms only just beginning to clear up. confusing.
  • no other symptoms. none of the scary ones. today appetite would have been fine except after an unnecessary 15 minute spiel from father i began to plot my escape from the dining table.

summary for consultant

Timeline 25 August: First discovery of lump.

Early September:

  • Moved from Berlin to London then to Singapore. Had extreme jet lag.
  • Difficulty acclimatising to weather and spicy food
  • High stress work in Singapore + writing dissertation
  • Carried extremely heavy bags, right shoulder and back pain

15 September: Food poisoning. Pain at bottom of left rib cage. Watery stools. 17 September: Noticed that there was a bigger lump next to a small lump. Very alarmed and stressed. Shoulder sore (heavy bag) 18 September: Lump still the same on 2nd day. Shoulder still sore. 19 September: Saw my family doctor. 23 September: Saw Head & Neck Consultant. Consultant did Nasal endoscopy to rule out nasal issues – all clear. Referred for Ultrasound. 24 September: Ultrasound scan 25 September: Intermittent sharp chest pains in left and right side of rib cage. Sinus pain – but probably from nasal endoscopy. 28 September: Intermittent sharp chest pains in mainly right side of rib cage. Pain went away after eating ibuprofen. 29 September: Consultant sends over report. In email suggests further biopsy or tests to determine.


  • “Sugar lows”?
    • Often experience what I describe as “low sugar” episodes of running out of energy, lightheaded sensation, cold hands, palpitations, if I do not eat food on time.
  • Intermittent pains in ribs / rib cage on mainly left side under rib cage
    • Not sure if stress related or posture related (I use a standing desk)
    • Could this chest pain be related to my complete inability to burp / betch + extreme gag reflex and fear of choking?
  • Lump in bottom of throat when swallowing for last few days
    • Not sure if stress related or after nasal endoscopy?
  • Previously noticed a lump in right breast in early teens.
    • Lump seems to have disappeared but no idea when.
  • Small lump behind right ear
    • Has been there for as long as I can recall?
  • Fear of asymmetry or swollen spleen in 2012.
    • Referred by Family Doctor Dr Chan to do ultrasound in 2012 – but inconclusive.
  • Recent rashes on sides of fingers and elbows from handling archival materials in dusty environment (dishydrosis or eczema)
    • Normal recurrence whenever exposed to dust or allergens
  • No weight loss, No itching, No night sweats, No loss of appetite.
  • Extreme and debilitating phobia of pills and throwing up.
  • Cannot use tongue depressor or will be incredibly distressing for all.

29 sept 2014 - dr (isobel) baron at springfield gp

Blood Tests to be run:

  • Full blood count
  • Haemoglobin A1c
  • ESR
  • Electrolytes
  • Creatinine
  • Liver Fuction Test
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • C-reactive Protein
  • Hepatitis
  • HIV