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Recently I acquired a very affordable set of 6 terracotta dishes which I wanted to bake eggs in. I mashed an avocado and put an egg in it and baked it for about 15 min at 210 deg C.

The sweet avocado then acquired a bitter afternote to it.

Harrold EV. Avocado preservation and utilization. Hawaii Agricultural Export Station Annual Report. 19 (1930)


Bitter-tasting and kokumi-enhancing molecules in thermally processed avocado (Persea americana Mill.). oxylipins

Sugar increases magnesium requirements and magnesium prevents cramping. That might be involved.


Denatonium Benzoate

Bitrex®, the world's bitterest substance, is the leading branded safety ingredient used in a variety of domestic and industrial applications. Dilutions of as little as 10 ppm are unbearably bitter to most humans.

Denatonium is commonly included in placebo medications used in clinical trials to match the bitter taste of certain medications.

Denatonium also discourages consumption of harmful alcohols like methanol, and additives like ethylene glycol. Denatonium is used in rubbing alcohol as an inactive ingredient. It is also added to many kinds of harmful liquids including solvents (such as nail polish remover), paints, varnishes, toiletries and other personal care items, special nail polish for preventing nail biting, and various other household products. It is also added to less hazardous aerosol products (such as gas dusters) to discourage inhalant abuse of the volatile vapors.

It has been used to safeguard rat poisons from human consumption, as humans are able to detect denatonium at much lower concentrations than rodents.[