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Important fonts

Important realist san serifs:

  • Helvetica Neue - American Airlines, Lufthansa, Toyota
  • Univers - used on keycaps for Apple computers
  • FF DIN - Deutsche Industrie Norm - Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization)
  • FF DAX - used by Morrisons
  • Frutiger - used by Prudential
  • Gotham - used by Yahoo
  • Akzidenz Grotekz
  • Gill Sans
  • VAG Rounded

Extra junk info

UK's Roadsign fonts

why is it that england doesn't have a fancy classic font and people had to assemble it from documents here?

Although developed in the United Kingdom, the typeface has been used in many other countries around the world. As well as the Crown dependencies, British overseas territories and some limited residual usage in Commonwealth states, the typeface is also used in Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, and in much of the Middle East.

Facebook's first choice font is Lucida Grande

DID YOU KNOW WINDOWS DONT COME WITH LUCIDA GRANDE?? which is, incidentally, the first choice font for facebook meaning there are LOTS OF PEOPLE out there who see facebook in TAHOMA???


Digital type

  • Aliasing - Jagged edges on bitmap fonts
  • Anti-aliasing - Smoothed edges on fonts

Cases of fonts being used

FF Dax
Morrisons uses FF Dax for most of its instore promotional materials.

Oh how i miss the morrisons discount shelf and the dented tins of beans.

Links to articles about fonts

Font designers

Evert Bloemsma

The late Evert Bloemsma was a Dutch typeface designer who made some of the most brilliant modern fonts like FF Avance. Exceptionally thoughtful and rational about his design right down to each letter, some of his fonts retain the same width at different font weights so designers don't have to re-align the text to fit their design when switching between font weights.

Edward Gill

Edward Gill made Gill Sans but also infamously wrote a diary in which he said he had relations with sister and his dog.

IPA fonts

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