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it said student visa on average 10 days


Just a reminder to myself on why I have to do it the hard way on my own.

My aim is to work intensively and do as much good work as possible. If the visa system is truly based on Merit then it will not fail. If not, my good work will surely be appreciated elsewhere still. C'est la vie. Its easy to cave in to dependency but I should be as ambitious as I can be.

3:19 PM 
Elio: yes, but why don't you wait the next year and you just marry G------??
you can save like 30000 pounds
me: !!!! Er......... Its not really in my mind to do something like that.
3:20 PM 
Elio: come on! is it better to give as a gift 30000pounds?
me: I'd rather get the UK visa on my own terms. As a professional artist, on my own ability...
3:21 PM 
I've met people here who got married just to get the visa the easy way - i found that they didn't work as hard to do what they wanted to do. So.... I gotta do it the hard way.
Elio: yes i know, i hope you didn't get offended
3:23 PM 
me: Perhaps I'm weird about it, but I like the idea of being very involved in both places, singapore and london. Like having to do things like apply for scholarships at official instituitions and stuff and fight to get it.
Cos........ its too easy to just say "oh get married and get a visa"
Its no challenge so its no fun.....
3:24 PM 
Elio: sorry, i really didn't want to suppose you are one of them...
me: haha its alright
3:25 PM 
Elio: for me it's just that i don't consider that a piece of official paper, a visa or a marriage contract is so special... so i just think that one have to get it in the speedy way possible
3:26 PM 
but this is just personal... anyway it's obviously better if you do it in the most coherent way possible
3:27 PM 
me: i suppose most people rather have things the easy way...... but imagine if i got a marriage visa to stay in the UK and got to go to school for cheap so i didn't have to apply for so many scholarships - versus if i did it by myself and applied and got to go to school on a prestigious scholarship - i think the latter is better for my career.
3:28 PM 
Elio: mm yes, i understand!
3:29 PM 
me: (but obviously the idea crossed the mind in the past while i lived in london... i guess its more exciting risking it all, isn't it??)
3:30 PM 
Elio: yes of course, but sometimes some obstacle can be very very unsormontable
me: anyway i was told by many people that i should apply to RCA irregardless of whether i knew how to fund my studies. the application comes first, once you get in, then you go and think about how to fund it.
Elio: anyway your way it's the most honest and coherent

2011 - New Developments

Tier 1 PSW and Tier 1 General are to be abolished. SHOCKER!!!!!!

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent scheme to open 9 August 2011

Starting 9 August 2011, exceptionally talented leaders in the fields of science, humanities, engineering, and arts will be able to immigrate tothe UK under a new Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) immigration category.

Arts Council England can nominate candidates who are leaders in their field or potential leaders in their field for this visa.

Its much better to bank on TALENT, i say! Its a good turn of events for me, although a great surprise that they changed the rules so drastically. But money means little to me, talent and personal development is key.

2010 - Developments / Austerity Measures

The UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, delivered a speech on Friday 05 November 2010 in front of key immigration partners and stakeholders at London´s Policy Exchange outlining the government´s plans for net migration into the UK.

In short, the government believes inward immigration to the UK is out of control, and the current tools in use are inadequate to bring the net migration levels back down to only tens of thousands, from almost 200,000 last year.

The government´s main target will be Tier 1 visas, the independent visa for highly skilled migrants. They will severely limit such visas, instead favouring the Tier 2 route for skilled workers with a job offer in the UK. A `new´ category will also be introduced, to entice high-value investors and entrepreneurs to come to the UK.

Further to the above, the government has also pledged to restrict the pathway to settlement in the UK for those who enter on temporary visas

2009 - Plan for future

If i intend to work in the UK, my possible plan for the next few years:

  1. October 2010 - October 2010 (Age 26) : Study in the UK at LCC (MA Interactive Media)
  2. October 2011 (Age 27) : Tier 1 PSW status for two years
  3. Before September 2012 (Age 28) : Tier 1 General visa for three years
    1. AGE: Under 28 years of age (1st time applicant) - 20 (29-30 years will be 10 pts)
    2. QUALIFICATION : Masters - 35
    3. MINIMUM EARNINGS: £23,000 - £25,999 - 20 £29,000 - £31,999 / 30, £26,000 - £28,999 / 25, £23,000 - £25,999 / 20, £20,000 - £22,999 / 15
    5. TOTAL: 80 PTS (PASS is 75)
  4. Before September 2015 (Age 31) : Extension of Tier 1 General visa for a further two years (Further Leave to Remain status)
    1. AGE: Under 31 years of age (extension) : 20
    2. QUALIFICATION : Masters - 35
    3. MINIMUM EARNINGS: £23,000 - £25,999 - 20 £29,000 - £31,999 / 30, £26,000 - £28,999 / 25, £23,000 - £25,999 / 20, £20,000 - £22,999 / 15
    5. TOTAL: 80 PTS (PASS is 75)
  5. Indefinite Leave to Remain status
  6. Possible Naturalization

Expected Income for graduate in uk

Figures derived from the latest 2007/08 issue of Prospects Directory revealed that the average starting salary offered to 2008 graduates is £24,048 and the median salary* is £23,500.

My personal goal would be a minimum salary of £35k pa

According to current border laws as of 13 April 2009