Unexplained Symptoms

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"Hold on a minute, I'm tasting!!!!”

complaint: every time i eat something after a long while it makes my face hurt intensely. i have to stop whatever i am doing for 5 sec to squeeze my face but it doesn't do anything for the pain in my jaw. happens with mainly sweet/sour food but also sometimes salty food.

"Hold on a minute, I'm tasting!!!!” First bite syndrome? Low blood sugar? The body’s responses to food become more pronounced as appetite increases, and this includes the response of the salivary glands. If you have a cat, watch it's mouth whenever it sees a big fat pigeon land on the windowsill. It will get an audible salivary gland spasm. A hot fudge sundae or deep dish pizza does the same to homo sapiens. If you think of salivary glands as having a muscle that "pumps" out your spit, I can't think of a better way to describe going from zero to "oh my Og, here comes a lemon!" Once you're eating the lemon, you've been pumping out some saliva for a bit, your mouth is moist, and your salivary glands don't need to go from rest to double time trying to get all lubed up.



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