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Adapted Parlour Games for the Gathering of Singapore Wild Boar Fanciers 2012

All Ages Enjoy It.

Harmless Amusement for Children and Older People.

Containing an Explanation of


Suited for Children, Older People, and Wild Boar Fanciers of all Ages


Bacon for Supper

A player is to be sent out of the house while the others hide a small object. Call to the player who is "It", saying, "Bacon for supper, hurry up before it gets cold!" The player returns to the room, and attempts to locate the missing ornament. Everyone else is to shout out that his supper is getting "very cold", cold", "hot", or "burning hot" in relation to how close to far it is from the hidden object.

Are you there, James?

Two players are to be blindfolded, and they are to stand facing away from each other, while only balancing on one leg - while also holding each other's lefthand. Both players will be handed a rolled up newspaper. The first player should call out, "Are you there, James?" to which his opponent must reply, "Yes," and the first player will try to smack him on the head with the newspaper, using the voice and position of the hand as a clue to where his opponent's head is. Next, the other player will take his turn. This is a game of bluff in which opponents must move quickly and unexpectedly to avoid being hit. However, the game may also progress to the level where one of the player decides to secretly remove his blindfold and just hits his opponent over the head repeatedly. The proper etiquette in this situation dictates that none of the spectators should warn the victim what is going on.

Squeak Piggy Squeak

A player is chosen, blindfolded, and handed a pillow. All the others sit in a circle as the blindfolded person stands in the centre and is spun around vigorously. After losing all sense of direction, the player staggers around and places the pillow on someone's lap, saying "Squeak Piggy Squeak!" The person would then make some audible utterance that resembled a squeak, and the blindfolded player would then have to guess whose lap he has landed on. If the guess is correct, they swap places, if not the player is led back to the centre and tries again.

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