Video games that I like

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Stanley Parable Trailer: Stanley Parable Raphael Trailer: Quite playable but heavy handed on narration.

Beginner's Guide: Interesting narrative game but too short and not so compelling.

Firewatch Trailer: Good balance of exploration and narration.

Everything Trailer: A game in which you can play

No Man's Sky Gameplay Trailer: Promising game of a supposed procedurally generative universe but the resource management side gets tedious and does not feel like infinite exploration but instead feels like you are alone in the universe.

Problematic movement games:

I love this game sooo much. None of the controls correspond to anything. You're an octopus pretending to be a man.

  • Goat simulator:

  • Christmas Shopper Simulator (Free): I spent far too many hours playing this non-game.

  • Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: