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  • comma (,) - show/hidelightbox
  • Click and drag in blank area of lightbox in order to resize view
  • Create new Project (dynamesh 128) this is your new personal ball of clay
  • ALT to CARVE when drawing to use the brush and pull out
  • SHIFT to ERASE when drawing to flatten it out (eraser)
  • Undo - Ctrl Z
  • Redo - Ctrl Shift Z
  • Undo History timeline is on the TOP



  • BUTTON 1 drag on canvas - rotate view
  • BUTTON 2 drag on canvas - move entire view
  • BUTTON 1 THEN SHIFT - snap to fixed views
  • Ctrl THEN BUTTON 1 - zoom
  • Shift THEN BUTTON 1 MOVE IN 90 ANGLE release Shift Drag
  • Tools – F1
  • Brushes – F2
  • Strokes – F3
  • Alphas – F4
  • Textures – F5
  • Materials – F6 (with cursor off canvas area)
  • Show/hide floating palettes – TAB
  • Ctrl hover over items to see more info
  • Ctrl Alt hover over items to see less gginfo
  • T Edit
  • W Move
  • E Scale
  • R Rotate
  • S Drawsize Adjuster

Drawsizeadjuster.png Focaladjuster.png

Documentation of Process

Ball Attempt 16 Feb Fri (CNY)


Brush means Tool And Tool Means Object

Georgehead Attempt 17 Feb Sat


Error here is that the Tool (object) is TRANSPARENT yet i haven't got it masked! It occurred entirely by accident! Argh! ARGH! Zbrush UI is worse than Blender!

Useful Brushes I tried included

  • DAM
  • Soft Clay
  • and just smoothing everything

Ball turned into demon accidentally 18 Feb Sun

Using the various chisel tools to add features in from different sets

Balldemon 1.png

Balldemon 2.png

Balldemon 3.png

Balldemon 4.png

Face Ball 19 Feb Mon 19 Feb Mon

X sets and toggles symmetry

Balldemon 5.png

Balldemon 6.png

Balldemon 7.png

Rabbit Test 19 Feb Mon

Reference images using see thru function on top

Rabbitzbrush 1.png

Rabbitzbrush 2.png Rabbitzbrush 3.png

Live Boolean 20 Feb Tues

Livebooleanzbrush 1.png

Livebooleanzbrush 2.png

Polyframes so you can see what exactly is being booleaned

Livebooleanzbrush 3.png

Focal Shift Test 20 Feb Tues

Focalshiftzbrush 3.png