Time for the Irresponsible Disposal of Confidential Documents!

Time for the Irresponsible Disposal of Confidential Documents!

20141026_135101_Gracechurch St

Ah, I do believe it is that time of year for the irresponsible disposal of your sensitive and confidential documents! Step right up, all you two-bit law firms and architectural consultants with reams of unwanted papers and emails that you printed out! In the last week we began to notice lots of these bags of papers in and around town. Perhaps they have always been there. Papers, bursting out of heavy bags which can’t go in the normal trash because they are just stacks of solid, heavy paper. We were lured in by the clock drawing on this paper that had naughtily escaped its plastic bag and drifted into Gracechurch Street as we were walking on foot to Bank the other day.

20141026_135814_Gracechurch St

20141026_135816_Gracechurch St

The incorrigible hoarders that we are, we’ve been collecting them and reading the discarded papers of the city of London. This particular haul involves a documentation of correspondences relating to the design and redevelopment of a property in New Cross, wherein the people corresponding are examining existing (business) tenancy agreements and noting that the worse case scenario is that the current tenants will try to invoke the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, but which apparently will not longer stand when the developers eventually become the new successor in the title. What happens to all the parties involved? Who knows? I mean, we could google it since we have detailed address and information about the property now, but shall we? The other day on Green Lanes we also had another haul of documents in which legal documents, visa appeals and NHS medical reports had exploded from a bag and strewn across the streets. Again, a puzzling choice to throw out confidential documents on the street. Or do they want to tell us the story? Are they just DYING to share with us these stories, by throwing out these tantalising clues?

Don’t worry, people who like to irresponsibly dispose of their documents, your papers won’t be flying on the streets, they’ll be safe and sound with people like us who will be collecting your sensitive documents as souvenirs, and then uploading them to the internet and blogging about them one by one.