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This is a blog about writing. In my time, I have created countless blogs. Blogs about my boring life, blogs about my exciting life, blogs about technology, about history, about maps, about live music, about contemporary art, blogs in which I collect pictures of women rolling their eyes in music videos, blog blog blogs. So many of my past blogs were essentially assemblages of images with smatterings of words interspersed with them. For once, I want to make a blog that’s just about the writing.

I’m starting a PhD (in Art Practice) in the fall and for me, graduate school represents a commitment to writing a lot more. But another useful feature of keeping all these blogs is that I’ve often found myself scouring and attempting to mine my old blog for relevant bits and bobs that I could use. FutureDebbie always thanks PastDebbie for squirreling away all these notes!

I’ve been reading Gillie Bolton & Stephen Rowland’s “Inspirational Writing for Academic Publication”, which writes: “The capacious holdall bag of the research journal can be ransacked for its gems at any time.” I suppose that the strategy to an enjoyable writing career might be to do a lot of it, and then store it in a safe place where I can draw connections between the ideas later on.


Source: Bolton & Rowland, “Inspirational Writing for Academic Publication” (2014)

But why another blog? I ask myself this as well. Not sure if this merely reflects the peculiarities of my personal media consumption, but I perceive a trend in which people are abandoning blogs for vlogs on youtube (or even shorter format tiktoks?). The internet is teeming with vox pops, factual entertainment, and heartfelt POV rants in which content creators share about their one extremely specific experience navigating the academic system or gaining employment in a specific field of work.

Of course, I could create any sort of novel visual format for sharing my thoughts and words, but as the oft-quoted saying goes, “easy writing makes hard reading”. I suppose that if the words were simply spewed out live as they bubbled forth to my mind, those thoughts might not be all that well-formed. And it seems to me that the point of writing is to write in order to find out what I know, think, feel, and want to say.

So this blog is a commitment to improving my writing. Back to the good old grind of writing a text-centric blog! Wherein I ask myself, what kind of writer am I anyway, or do I want to become? What on earth is my writing style?? Let’s find out by writing daily!

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