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Do Something Productive every Single Week

Sites built in 2011


  • Maps without Buildings - Three sketches of dreamscapes, London, Berlin, Cornwall, 420 x 594 mm
    Group show, Dream: Borderlands & Other Territories, Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, Singapore, 1st July - 15th July 2011.
  • Mobiliate, 11 September 2011. - BUILD THIS NOWWW

Design/Commercial Projects

  • MBS ASM Dali Interactive (daliuniverse) - flash
  • MBS ASM Van Gogh Interactive x 3 (spot the difference, van gogh's europe, tile puzzle) - flash
  • MBS ASM Van Gogh Sticker Booklet - Illustrator
  • MBS ASM Van Gogh 3D Paper craft x 2 - Illustrator
  • Sun Yat Sen Museum Interactive x 2 - flash ongoing
  • NLB SDC Interactive - flash ongoing
  • ST Electronics slides design - indesign
  • Homerunasia - web development
  • International Schools Guide - adwords/SEO/PPC
  • Lonely Planet Hanoi - illustrator
  • New Life Chiro - illustrator
  • Substation Open Call Promo Video - kinetic typography

Other work

  • Disco Trishaw
  • Death of Pixel
  • Merlion Mutations


  • Set up my own company DBBD
  • Visited old friends in london, cornwall. Also went to lengerich, berlin, windsor


  • Make a new personal website which is FWA worthy
  • Complete as many projects as possible
  • Get accepted into Royal College of Art to study Design Interactions
  • Get NAC or Design Singapore scholarship to study at RCA
  • Change musical direction, make music and perform live
  • Revive internet radio show
  • Learn german

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