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This is now a list of things to keep track of work in 2012

I think i am better with Getting Things Done each week now so its on my openurbanism blog


  • Part-time lecturer at NTU School of Art Design & Media
  • Part-time lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic
  • Taught workshop on TUIO/AS at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Toluca, Mexico)


  • Retroalimentacion (Facultad del Artes Gallery, UAEM) - works shown: The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline, Sun Cycle
  • Drive - A Public Exchange of Ethnographic Fragments - works shown: A Public Exchange of Ethnographic Fragments
  • [ ] Apartment (Seoul Art Space Mullae)
  • Primavera (Immanence Gallery)

Commercial projects

  • ArtScience Pocket Booth Interactive
  • Malay Heritage Centre Interactives
  • Mapletree Media Wall Interactives
  • NLB History of Internet (project cancelled)
  • Sun Yat Sen Interactives

Grants & Residencies

  • Arts Creation Fund (NAC)
  • Dena Foundation Residency (Supported by NAC)
  • Seoul Art Space Mullae (Supported by Substation)


  • Focus on my artwork instead of commercial work
  • Get into RCA Design Interactions

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