Curating and the Educational Turn

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  • Good reference for thinking about education and the arts: Bauer, Ute Meta. “Education, Information, Entertainment: Current Approaches in Higher Arts Education.” Curating and the Educational Turn. Ed. Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson. Amsterdam, 2010.
  • My take: The perceived "inferiority" of studying art and literature in Singapore has a lot to do with prevailing attitudes about how institutions are expected to quantify and measure even intangible forms of aesthetic and cultural production. It also reflects a misunderstanding of art schools and institutions as suppliers of “streamlined, affirmative, versatile labourers for the culture and entertainment industries and the expanding tertiary sector”. When the argument for education rests entirely on the betterment of the economic state of the country, then innovative thinking may be seen as something that might hinder production, even though it may also enlighten and inspire students; when production is carried out to its extremes on a mass scale and designed to be as efficient as possible, it may come at the expense of the human spirit or soul.

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