Installing Fonts in Mac

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  • OpenType fonts work in Mac OS X.
  • TrueType fonts work in Mac OS X and earlier versions.
  • To use PostScript Type 1 fonts, you need to install Adobe Type Manager (ATM) or ATM Deluxe. If you are running Mac OS X, you do not need to install ATM since it is part of the operating system already. Note that you can download ATM Light for free from Adobe's Web site.

Font Locations

  • User (~/Library/Fonts/) - only for that user
  • Local (Library) - LOCAL computer
  • Network ( /Network/Library/Fonts/) - for entire network
  • System ( /System/Library/Fonts/) - DO NOT EDIT EVER - THIS ARE DEFAULT
  • "Classic" (/System Folder/Fonts/) - For Mac OS 9

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