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General pile of ideas - suggested during pitches

  • DIELAH! - there's cleanlah, trafficlah, so why not DieLah also?
  • GREENSPIRATION! - gamify green+inspiration, but seriously will people get into greenspiration?
  • FREECYCLE ON A PHONE APP - matching people in a phone (how is this not freecycle? why can't i just go on a freecycle mobile website instead?)
  • KICKGREEN - post your good stuff, get points (zonghuan's pitch)
  • GET PAID TO RECYCLE - gamify recycling, because, you know recycling is one of the big rituals of modern life
  • NEGATIVE ERP SCHEME - give cyclist perks (gamifying cycling so more people cycle instead of driving) - surely someone could make a runkeeper for cycling that records all your travels whether cycling or driving and offsets it and gives you score each week for how much you cycled in comparision to driving?

team pitches

  • recyclewhere - where you are, where you can recycle specific item
  • myremote - turn offpower at switch level so no vampire power leakage
  • samsung stuffs - WOW NFC EXISTS!
  • parent pool - coordinate parents + chat api
  • Ribbit using phone gps to facilitate gift giving
  • Wake me up before I get to my destination

overused phrases by presenters

  • "we want to leverage on nfc"
  • "green technologies"
  • "sustainable and scalable"

The things I think i'll work on

  • heatmap of food poisoning incidents
  • grasslah / cryptoforests / cryptofields
  • ominous strange taste mysteries
  • "Dead chicken rice"

Google Spreadsheets and google maps - cleaning up the data - geocoding it

Tilemill / Mapbox

Python data mining


Introductory Talks

NEA CEO andrew tan's wishlist

  • wish list: feedback on food poisoning incidents, predict food poisoning cluster before it happens

prof michael quah cheng guan's suggestions

  • build an app which promotes data awareness
  • an app which effects behavior change in energy
  • an app for improving personal wellbeing

Important links for Hackathon

Internet Website Platforms

  • NEA Corp Website:
  • Weather@SG:
  • RSS Feeds (
  • Nowcast
  • Further Outlook
  • 3 Days Outlook
  • PSI Update 
  • Heavy Rain Warning
  • News Release

List of Registered Electrical devices:

Geo-Tagged Locations published in OneMap (

  • Hawker Centres
  • Recycling Bins
  • Waste Disposal Site
  • Waste Treatment Centres
  • Dengue Clusters
  • NEA Offices

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