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  • SAP visual intelligence = like glorified pivot table (excel)

Why use SAP hana

  • its a fast way to let you play with data esp in pivot table form (cos large data set cannot be manipulated that way in other apps but hana does it fast) - you can build dashboards and test theories faster
  • according to SAP guys, its faster than oracle, hinting less complicated, less baggage, possible to handle billions of entries in pivot
  • finally they said "google it and you'll find its very easy blah blah blah" (OKAY... great way to go, guys...)
  • guy sitting in front me says "i came here for the WOW factor, can you please wow us with some demo of what SAP hana can do?" (exactly the question i wanted to ask!) and unfortunately the SAP guy says "well i just looked at the data for the first time here... but if i had created the views in the dashboard, you would be able to see how you can manipulate the data SOOOO easily! it would be so easy even for a non programmer to manipulate the data and find the connections in the data!" (well-meaning, but still.... facepalm)


  • example client - warface - massive multiplayer, thousands of events a second, a database that calculates and analyses which players are doing worse and getting killed more often and then before they reach the 7th death (usually after people die 7 times they abandon the game) they monitor performance and tweak the game for those players to make it easier.
  • sap lumira aka visual intelligence / db client like hana studio or appserver
  • this presenter (marek mowalkiewicz @marekkowal) wants to show us a 30 line example but there is no time for it :-( but it sounds promising and the perspective view in visual intel looks interesting


SAP for data scientists

  • set up tomcat
  • write code
  •  ???

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