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Rationalising the situation

While discussing some fairly intense things with friends outdoors today a very strange thing happened. As I stood there, the sound around me started to vanish, as it it were sucked off into some vacuum. Soon all i could hear was a hollow sort of ring, which made it terribly difficult to follow the conversation adequately, although I persisted for a while more. Next my face and extremities started tingling, and my vision started blacking out at the edges. The images of people started breaking up into dots, and when i blinked, they turned into spots of light. By that point I felt like I was going to suddenly keel over like a plank of wood, so I sat down till the sensory effects and nausea went away. It was not what I would describe as the usual panic attack because it was not accompanied by the normal panic or heart palpitations i usually get. This was like standing up suddenly and having one of those near-blackouts - but for maybe 3-4 minutes this time. I'm only describing it here because the weird part is that while all this was happening I felt completely detached from everything and I was just observing these peculiar symptoms.

I was afraid that it was because I was going mad but it seems that these things do happen and i guess it must be cos i was

  • very tired (working since the morning nonstop)
  • dehydrated (coffee and beer)
  • insufficiently fed
  • standing after sitting for a long while
  • in a socially demanding situation (discussion)
  • in a smoky place (carbon monoxide)
  • depressed for too many reasons

We have this under control dont we.

Causes of Near-syncopal incidents

  • Anxiety
  • Brain Cancer
  • Migraine Headache
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Stroke

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