Sleep Paralysis

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From wikipedia: some reports read that various factors increase the likelihood of both paralysis and hallucinations. These include:

  • Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position
  • Increased stress
  • Sudden environmental/lifestyle changes
  • A lucid dream that immediately precedes the episode.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol coupled with lack of adequate sleep

Episode 1

Shortly after i hear Philipp get up from bed, and some echo of conversation he is having with trip outside, i find that i cannot get up although my eyes are open. my glasses are misarranged on my face so i want to adjust them but i can't reach it. i struggle to move for some time, then suddenly i wake up in the exact position.

Episode 2

I open my eyes in the nap and find that I cannot move. The scene which i see seems to be permanently fixed. Moving my hands, jerking, rolling from side to side does not produce any change in the picture that I see. I test for feeling. I realise that I can imagine the texture of things as I scratch them. Its like being unable to do anything in the real world but you can do it on some other level. Like an out of body experience. It goes on for what seems to be an eternity, unable to wake up, unable to get out or make a sound. Totally paralysed, yet able to feel like i'm moving. but the picture doesn't change at all. its like the connection was broken, but i can do something out of body. somewhere along the line i can float up. the computer is playing some music behind me. Philipp is not in the room. I imagine that what is playing on the computer is a music video with the lyrics: "going down to virginia, have a good time with the boys". in the midst of all this, i am able to think lucidly that this looks like middle america, not big city, the luckiest people are the ones who grow up away from the city because they have to be more inventive to make an exciting life for themselves. image of a strikingly pretty raven haired caucasian girl and another companion, walking across a scene that resembles the back of keong saik street at night. dark but lit up with pink neon. i can jump on the bed. i can feel the texture of the sheets. i wonder why the bed does not move in reality although i can feel it. still can't wake up. getting more ridiculous. seem to have had this dream for hours now.

close eyes, open to find myself in same place again. kicking feet, rolling from side to side produces no change in viewpoint. cannot make a sound or shout. trying to analyze if the sensation of touch i am experiencing despite the lack of movement is in real-time or if it is "remembered" from the past as this might determine if the paralysis is an issue of my vision being frozen in one moment in time although i can actually move in reality - or if the paralysis is an issue of my inability to move coupled with some ghost sensations.

close eyes, open them and suddenly, SNAP i wake up in reality, literally staring at the same scene. the exact same scene.

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