Sub-Mullae 2012 In-Progress Presentation – Jeong Heewoo & Debbie Ding

Sub-Mullae 2012 In-Progress Presentation – Jeong Heewoo & Debbie Ding

Last Thursday we had an in-progress presentation at The Substation Random Room, where I somehow only managed to take one photo, and another photo that I took of our door sign was when it had become lopsided at the end of the show. Oops.

Thanks to all who came down to see the work, or who also stopped by. There were other excellent going-ons in the Substation on that night – in the Theatre there was Buds Theatre‘s great performance of The Coffin is Still Too Big For the Hole (based on Kuo Pao Kun’s play), and in the gallery there was pang + kanako‘s Departing for the Departed – a beautiful exhibition of over 6000 meticulously made porcelain flowers.


Presented Works:

Jeong HeeWoo – Trip of the neighborhood of Rowell Road


Jeong HeeWoo – Armenian Street (Detail)


Jeong HeeWoo – Armenian Street (Detail)


Debbie Ding – Aerial Study of Rowell Road (Detail)


Debbie Ding – Wifi Networks around Armenian Street


Debbie Ding – Wifi Networks around Rowell Road

To answer some commonly asked questions:

Q: Whose glasses are those?
A: They are my glasses. It’s an old pair I have with one leg missing, which coicidentally facilitated Heewoo’s shoot as she decided to shoot through my glasses as we went on a long walk around Jalan Besar and Rowell Road area.

Q: Why Armenian Street and Rowell Road
A: HeeWoo and me selected one location each. Her selection was Armenian Street as that was the location of the Substation, and my selection was Rowell Road because I live/work at a studio at Rowell Road.

Q: How did you map the wifi patterns?
A: I used iStumbler to get all the wifi networks, signal strength, channels and used that to estimate the wifi zones. Yes, I walked around the perimeter of both buildings with my 15″ macbook pro in hand, dousing for wifi.