F0001 – A Game: Finding Chair F0001 at the Jardin de Tuileries

F0001 – A Game: Finding Chair F0001 at the Jardin de Tuileries




There are three different types of chairs in the Jardin de Tulleries – Type B (upright with arms), Type C (upright without arms) and Type F (tilted inclined). These chairs seem to move in the night. You can see their sneaky little track marks in the ground. They are all over the place, behind bushes, next to the fountain, on slopes, under trees, next to the jeu de paume – they are everywhere in the gardens where you least expect them! They are also surprisingly well-loved and well-kept. Very few have graffiti marks or damage to them, which is a remarkable thing in Paris. Because the chairs are constantly moving, or being moved by people, it makes it a challenge to find the exact same chair on another visit to the gardens. Hence we propose this game:



This is a game for any number of players of any ages.


Assemble at the Jardin de Tulleries at the start of the day.

All chairs in the gardens have a unique number cut into them.

The first person to find the chair F 0001 wins!


We tried our best but we only found F 0002.
Do you know where is chair F 0001?

***BONUS ROUND!!!***

Find chairs with abnormalities. Such as upside down numbers.