FIAC 2012 (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain)


We were very fortunate to have gotten a VIP pass for this year’s FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) last week. It being the biggest art fair we could attend on this residency trip, we dutifully found ourselves systematically going through each and every single corridor, floor, gallery, event space, jardin… etc.

I wanted to write a summary of FIAC 2012 and I originally approached our visit with the same fastidiousness of previous gallery visits (taking notes and recording gallerist name/artist/work title). But there were probably around 200 galleries from all around the world, each showing a few dozen works on the walls and in their spaces and in their catalogues. Every wall was covered in works. Sometimes it was not even clear which gallery had filled the excess (and less strategic) walls which were formed around the pillars. Every corner was filled. Even by the most modest reckoning, this would potentially amount to TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ARTWORKS in the Grand Palais. After the first two hours there, we were crawling through its beautifully carpeted hallways, reduced to a kind of art-fatigue-meets-hunger-and-delirium, and all that I could articulate was a thin, strangled gasp of “help… does it… ever… end???”

So here is a photographic survey of this year’s FIAC instead:

GRAND PALAIS – Ground Floor

IMG_6383 IMG_6386 IMG_6398

IMG_6387 IMG_6403 IMG_6389 IMG_6413

IMG_6405 IMG_6484 IMG_6479

IMG_6500 IMG_6421 IMG_6434 IMG_6488

IMG_6495 IMG_6457 IMG_6444

IMG_6429 IMG_6435 IMG_6414

IMG_6404 IMG_6446 IMG_6443

IMG_6511 IMG_6508 IMG_6503

IMG_6490 IMG_6374 IMG_6460 IMG_6468

IMG_6376 IMG_6465 IMG_6469

IMG_6521 IMG_6526 IMG_6515

IMG_6438 IMG_6516 IMG_6517

IMG_6417 IMG_6482 IMG_6483

IMG_6475 IMG_6411 IMG_6545

IMG_6455 IMG_6471 IMG_6395 IMG_6546

IMG_6554 IMG_6561 IMG_6560

IMG_6557 IMG_6572 IMG_6576

IMG_6563 IMG_6570 IMG_6568 IMG_6577

IMG_6579 IMG_6582 IMG_6586

IMG_6589 IMG_6602 IMG_6599

IMG_6580 IMG_6583 IMG_6592 IMG_6600

IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6603 IMG_6625

IMG_6609 IMG_6618 IMG_6612

IMG_6605 IMG_6616 IMG_6613

IMG_6614 IMG_6617 IMG_6620

IMG_6622 IMG_6621 IMG_6632 IMG_6641

IMG_6629 IMG_6636 IMG_6627

IMG_6639 IMG_6646 IMG_6647

IMG_6649 IMG_6660 IMG_6662

IMG_6664 IMG_6672 IMG_6667

IMG_6675 IMG_6676 IMG_6683 IMG_6677

IMG_6678 IMG_6691 IMG_6694

IMG_6661 IMG_6663 IMG_6665 IMG_6670

IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6703

IMG_6701 IMG_6704 IMG_6707 IMG_6710

IMG_6706 IMG_6714 IMG_6716

IMG_6721 IMG_6725 IMG_6730

IMG_6732 IMG_6741 IMG_6744 IMG_6751

IMG_6735 IMG_6736 IMG_6738

IMG_6740 IMG_6743 IMG_6747

GRAND PALAIS – 1st Floor

IMG_6757 IMG_6765 IMG_6774 IMG_6776

IMG_6750 IMG_6758 IMG_6767

IMG_6771 IMG_6786 IMG_6784

IMG_6790 IMG_6798 IMG_6806

IMG_6807 IMG_6809 IMG_6811

IMG_6792 IMG_6796 IMG_6794 IMG_6799

So that was FIAC 2012 at the Grand Palais.

We’re fried.
Our toast is burnt.
The cow is cooked.
The end is nigh.


I want to write about the Prix Duchamp nominations too and there was also the works in the Jardins. etc…….. BUT THIS IS INFORMATION OVERLOAD ALREADY. TO BE CONTINUED LATER………