Bread and Butter in a Field of Dreams

Debbie takes you on a “live virtual walking tour” of Bread and Butter in a Field of Dreams, in which you enter a parallel reality where every artwork that Debbie has made in the last ten years has been translated into a different medium or format from how it was originally presented.

Taking its title from the name of the first-of-its-kind Arts and Culture Employment Study conducted by Singapore’s National Arts Council in 2013 to understand the employment conditions and arrangements of arts and cultural workers in Singapore, the interactive narrative game explores the tensions between the different visual languages used within art and within design; between function and fantasy; and between reality and fiction.

Presented through the experimental performative format of a livestream of an 3D exploration game designed and developed by Debbie, the tour starts in a direct replica of the Wikicliki exhibition, currently at National Gallery basement, and then two mysterious doors lead to two very different art spaces: a commercial museum retail shop where photo-worthy art can be comfortably consumed without effort, and an alternative community art space where the production of meaning and knowledge requires hard work.

What are the matters of bread and butter in this field of dreams?