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MOTHER was an experimental narrative game developed in Unreal Engine.
Admittedly, 200% less fleshy in game than initially envisioned.

MOTHER is a pulsating ever-changing fleshy ‘semi-sentient’ mass formed from the body of my work made over the last 10 years, along with additional 3D scans of my household domestic objects with meaning only known to myself, scraps of everyday packaging, stuck together in a glistening, dripping milky mess floating in space. A low electrical hum intermittently emanates, flickering light pulses from obsolete electronic devices stuck within the mass of MOTHER; tiny sparkly flies buzz around.

MOTHER is always on display
MOTHER is a repository of experiences
MOTHER is still busy trying to digest and process everything
MOTHER will never be finished with work
MOTHER is somehow always close but also far
MOTHER will speak and interact with you when your battery is low
MOTHER will try to answer your questions
MOTHER doesn’t have all the answers, but
MOTHER will comfort you

MOTHER was an experimental narrative game developed in Unreal Engine. I'm not an Unreal developer and mainly use Unity, but the work was being shown in an interactive show being built in Unreal, so I forced myself to try to build something from scratch in Unreal. In this project I also experimented with Vocaloid and narrative flows.

After working on this project I learnt the hard way that my skills from Unity are not necessarily instantly translatable into proficiency in Unreal Engine (insert giant sweatdrop). By way of artistic/creative experiments, it was interesting to force myself to work in Unreal but this project has not been publicly released because visually it does not resemble the vision I initially had for it. I guess, sometimes you make a great game, and sometimes you just... create chaos.

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