Last update: 20 January 2021
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The Legend of Debbie

Whilst confined to my home, I dream of alternate lives in which I am still walking outdoors...

For many years I’ve struggled over the final form of a work. As an artist experimenting with different media, but working mainly with digital media, what does it mean to digitise one’s work? The process of presenting work in the digital form involves translation, but what exactly is gained or lost in the progress?

In “The Legend of Debbie”, I have embarked on an ambitious attempt to represent the body of the last 10+ years of my work as an interactive experience. As the “one woman 3D development team” (who also has a full-time day job, and a small baby), I started building a colossal solo gallery, reminiscent of national pavilions at the Venice Biennale, which I wanted to cover wall to wall with images of my works. Over time I will turn the works into portals through which one can slip into parallel universes where the works can expand into alternate readings of themselves. The "autobiographical" stories told themselves are a mix of fact and fiction.

More documentation coming soon, including playable executables.