Upcoming DebbieTalks in September 2013

Upcoming DebbieTalks in September 2013

As we reach the last two weeks before I leave Singapore, I’ve somehow managed to get quite a number of talks lined up. So I’ve made a list of them…

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FORK4: 5 People doing Curious Things

29 August 2013
Barbershop, The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore

I’ll be talking at this TONIGHT! YES! TONIGHT! The other speakers are also working on very fascinating projects, including Stateofbuildings.sg and Wethecitizens.sg. Glad to be on the lineup, Shaun, Bernice and Shree are doing some really interesting stuff as well, and I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking to other curious people doing curious things in Singapore!

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Singapore Quantified Self Meetup

2 Sept 2013
7:00 PM
The Hub Singapore, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore

Speaking at a show-and-tell at the next Singapore Quantified Self Meetup! Thanks so much to Ciaran Lyons for organising it on such a quick notice! Debbie will be speaking about her 6 year dream map collecting project, and other data geekery. Perhaps there will even be some mentions of pomodoros, fitbits, gps thingamabobs and other obsessions…

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Goodman Arts Centre Open Day – Artist Talk – Debbie Ding

7 Sept 2013
Multi-purpose Room 1, Blk B, #01-07, 90 Goodman Road, Singapore

I’ll be giving a short artist talk at the Goodman Arts Centre Open House. I’ve shared a studio with the folks from Studio13 for the last few years, which has intermittently served as a little hiding hole for quite a few of us over the last few years… There are lots of things going on at GAC over the weekend there as well, some of which is… well… quite family-oriented. And if you’re there, you can also look out for the “psychogeographical games” installed somewhere on the 3rd floor, which have somehow miraculously survived the ravages of weather and footfalls since last year…

Debbie Ding - The Cobb (Lyme Bay, 2012)

A Survey of the Singapore Psychogeographical Society – Artist Talk – Debbie Ding

7 Sept 2013
Galerie Steph, 39 Keppel Road, Singapore

Finally, I will be speaking at my solo exhibition at Galerie Steph on the 7th Sept 2013. As you can tell, I like telling stories. So I will tell you stories if you come down to what will probably be Debbie’s last talk in Singapore for a while.