UP Singapore Urban Prototyping Weekend – Postcode Postcard

UP Singapore Urban Prototyping Weekend – Postcode Postcard

Over the weekend I was at UP Singapore where there was a great big data hackathon with interesting datasets from places such as Singtel, Taxi, LTA, etc. We met loads of interesting people, learnt lots, had fun experimenting with the data, and at the end of the weekend, Me and Yuta (“Team Jalan Besar”) built this:

Screen shot 2012-06-28 at AM 07

The idea I had for the Postcode Postcard was to build a simple web app that aims to visualize the local mobile network data and other datasets in Singapore, and to render this into a physical postcard that can be printed on the spot and distributed as a real postcard that can be mailed to a friend who might not have an internet connection.


Many asked me why not just make it a visual on the iphone, but I feel the point of the physical postcard is because the people who need to see “big data” in this format are the ones who won’t be online with their smartphones to see it. How can a smart city be smart if not everyone can understand it?



(Our entry won 3rd prize and we got a Playbook!)

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