PS3 Eye Camera

PS3 Eye Camera

Around four of these cameras have passed through my hands thus far, so I’m getting pretty familiar with this camera, which is popular in use for in multitouch tables because of its good resolution, high framerate, great performance in low light, and affordablity. As a webcam, this is probably as good as it gets. I recently went back to the Sony Singapore website to check its retail price and saw that it stated that its retail price is S$39.90.

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at PM 02
Folks, don’t believe the Sony website – its cheap, but not THAT cheap… I think they swapped in the SGD without converting the price from USD to SGD.

Looking back at my digital receipts in 2009, I realise that I first bought this camera on ebay for around USD$45 (approximately S$57). I consider this reasonably affordable in any case and I would still consider the PS3 Eye as a cheap camera.

If buying the PS3 Eye from a physical store in Singapore, the current price at Sim Lim can vary quite greatly. Most of the shopowners on the 2nd and 3rd floor were shocked when I showed them the site on my phone and insisted that the retail price as listed on Sony Singapore’s official website was $39.90, and they insisted that this camera had a cost price of around $50-55 (depending on who I spoke to). I was quoted as much as $60+. My final recommendation would be to go to “Gamers Hub” on the 5th floor, where they were very friendly and the PS3 Eye camera was going at a very reasonable $49. (Although, at present I have probably cleaned out their entire stock of this camera…)

– 4 channel audio input: 16 bits/channel, 48kHz, SNR 90db
– 56º (red dot for closeup) or 75º (blue dot for long-shot framing) Field of View zoom lens
– 2.1 F-stop, <1% distortion, fixed focus (25cm to infinity at 75º FOV)
– 640 x 480 at 60 frames/second
– 320 x 240 at 120 frames/second
– USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer
– Uncompressed video or optional JPEG compression