Rules for the Expression of Architectural Desires


Whilst in residency at ZK/U Berlin, the Singapore Psychogeographical Society has been working on a new body of writing, “Rules for the Expression of Architectural Desires”.

The time is neither future nor past. The place is neither East nor West. The design of our built environments begin with ideas, and these ideas are articulated in ways which may be conceptual, fuzzy, or imprecise. What we find is that the material of a city is actually immaterial at its very core. Our attempts to define rules for society precede every action, motion, or change in our urban environment, and our urban experiences can be altered when we change the manner in which we define a city.

The Singapore Psychogeographical Society presents a set of 24 speculative rules, schemes, methods, tools and instruments for the urban and social design of a city.

A few of the rules are as follows:




An expanded version of this set of rules will be worked on, published, and distributed later in 2014.