100 Places in VRChat

100 Places in VRChat

This post is ambitiously titled 100 Places in VRChat, because I will be adding to this post over time. So I want to build something for VRChat. But what CAN i do in VRchat? And how does I Udon script? In order to start doing anything, it turns out I have to clock some time in VRchat to “level up” to New User first. So why not document a meaningful attempt to SEE ALL THE THINGS in VRChat whilst I clock those hours to level up?…

  • Links to the worlds in the titles
  • File size included for all the worlds
  • Update #1: Posted 1-11
  • Update #2: Posted 12-31
  • Update: Already Leveled from Visitor to New User! I can finally upload worlds!
  • Update #3: Posted 32-39

1: The Black Cat by spookyghostboo (47.97MB)

The Black Cat seems to be one of the public worlds that seems to be pushed to new users – its on the top of the Hot list. First impressions? There appear to be a lot of children in this room and occasionally some toxic users: eg: once my avatar happened to be a stick of butter. Some guys came up to me and said “hehe let’s get that stick of butter, let’s get rid of it” and next thing you know my VRchat has been crashed by them, maybe by loading models with attachments that cause overload/crashing. This was Day 2 of me really being on VRchat btw. Main features? There’s a stage which often is used by players to sing whilst other players comment on said singing. And boy, do people love to sing…

Takeaway: People loooove to sing on a stage. Even if no one is listening.

2: Mega Map 20 in 1 by Ms․ Dance (93.55 MB)

This is a huge mega map of grand looking spaces (bars‚ library‚ casino‚ caves‚ church‚ dance club‚ dragon fight arena‚ entertainment pit‚ sakura garden‚ inn‚ lobby‚ lockers‚ medieval‚ lounge‚ portals‚ ranch‚ runway‚ space station‚ study‚ and a tower). The spaces are not lit and rather badly textured, by which I mean the texture images have been so compressed that they are completely distorted. “THIS PASSES MUSTER FOR IMMERSIVITY?” one might say. Please, look at HOW pixelated that TV is.  But hey, 20 mega venues in one. Don’t squint too hard for this one. It won’t get any clearer. Help. I can’t unblur it.

Takeaway: Some people just don’t care about seeing any detail in VR.

3: London Solitude by Lucifer MStar (75.93MB)

I went here to see if it was about London UK or London Canada because VRC does seem pretty North America centric so far (have i just been a dumdum and clicked on the US worlds?) Anyway now I am no longer surprised when I click on “London” but its accidentally Ontario -_- To be honest, its been weird entering rooms full of people with American accents. Its a foreign country for me. Probably because I do have a Singaporean accent (with probably some influence of a London accent) most of the times people ask me where I am from and some have even asked me to spell “Singapore” to them. Anyway, this room is meant to look like a fancy condo with a pool table, balcony, and panoramic backdrop of London. Oh and rain sounds again of course, because that’s what people dig.

Takeaway: People want to pretend to live in a customisable aspirational condo in central London overlooking Tower Bridge.

4: VRC World Jam 2 Obstacle Course Time Trials by vrchat (9.69 MB)

Coming it at UNDER a stunning 10MB is this demo scene from VRchat themselves. I was impressed when I played it, and then I was even more impressed to find out the world is less than 10MB. Wow. I can definitely see the appeal of building a while obstacle course game in it. although I can’t realistically chat to people whilst completing the obstacle course of it. But there’s definitely something to talk about after. But most of the time people were just talking about timescores. So it wasn’t so social for me. This type of competitive world/game seems to attract a lot of blokes and children. Lots of Americans and lots of guys. Yeah, I can’t help but say it was a really gendered experience.

Takeaway: One could build a whole game inside VRC. But competitive games also likely attract certain users.

5: The Room of the Rain by Ivaj15 (25.7 MB)

Okay, so it seems people are really into this comfy-sleepy-galaxy-room-in-the-rain sort of schtick. There are common items like pillows, pencils, mirrors, lights, fireplaces, newspapers, and a pool table that no one can seem to operate properly. I’ve now seen many of this type of rooms (even prior to when I started documenting it with screenshots). I can’t say I am a fan, but okay whatever.

Takeaway: People like galaxy backgrounds and pencils and rain sounds. And a mirror.

6: Fantasy world by Souledin (38.12MB)

This is someone’s Unity experiment I walked into whilst randomly clicking on Community Labs. Created on Tuesday. Its not complete, but hey, its a world of mushrooms. There’s a chicken which falls through the floor every few seconds and the lighting isn’t even right but ALRIGHT.

Takeaway: Yes you can make any randomly half-built unity project into a VRC project.

7: Dreams Train by Kireya (94.82 MB)

I liked this one, it is simple in execution. You’re on a moving train (by which it means the trains are just moving under you forever) and there is a city in the background. Sometimes a white dove flies by and everyone in the train gets excited. Its like a retro dream city and oh of course it is raining again.

Takeaway: Retro Dream City Train in the Rain. Some more common tropes emerging. Capitalising on retro cliches and nostalgia for millenials, 90s aesthetics on ghibli dream trains….

8: No Time Two Talk by Faxmashine (12.16 MB)

I really liked this one. Its like Omegle for VRchat. You sign up for the matchmaking, you get assigned someone to chat to in a room for 2 minutes. Every 2 minutes you get a new person to chat too. If you want to stop, you walk out of the door. There’s a wall where you can indicate what you’re interested in. Compared to other worlds I’ve been in which simply had a lot of males or underaged children, this world seems to attract a lot more “she/her” and “they/them” users and contemplative software dev people. I met some really lovely people in here who were also really up to chat. Although two minutes was sometimes not long enough. Now I will never know the truth of what unknownuser’s yellow pet snake had eaten by mistake.

Funny enough, someone told me “FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO DID NOT TICK THE “WORKAHOLIC” BOX!” Sorry gurl I was here on my lunchbreak from work. And visiting 100 VRC worlds is kinda like me tryna hit my personal goals for personal work. I was just too busy working to even tick the workaholic box.

Takeaway: Interesting to set constraints and rules for chatting.

10: City-35 by Atlas-08 (35.34 MB)

Why City-35? It turns out the file size is 35MB. And at 35MB this plot is impressively big. But also very very pixelated. But as we’ve seen with the earlier worlds, who cares about detail! The world can be painted in broad strokes! This is a big dystopian looking city world with trash cans, extremely pixelated garbage and fast food containers, extremely blurry buildings, and an overpowering background sound.

Takeaway: Lots of VR chat worlds are extremely blurry and people get away with a low level of detail

11: Public Super Market (7.42MB) by MrCraigTunstall

A whole supermarket in 7MB! Again, very impressed by the file size. Enough detail to see different products such as milk, kefir, meat, etc. There are just a lot of children in here again. Is anyone supervising the children? Did everyone in New York give their 12 year old a Quest 2 for Christmas or something? Some missing textures which appear pink in here. But the garish pink adds to the overall weirdness of this supermarket I guess. It was like a supermarket LARP at some points with people’s main conversation points / pickup lines being “Do you work in this supermarket? Can you tell me where the milk is?”

Takeaway: VR Supermarket is like Supermarket LARPing. But like supermarket shopping in real life, it is also very boring.

12: Super VR Ball by Faxmashine (39.29 MB)

Since I quite liked No Time Two Talk I ended up here, in which you ‘balance’ on a ball through a game obstacle course to collect all the melons. Nice game, but hard to chat when you’re rolling on a ball.

13: 中文吧 RE ChineseBar 4․36[CN\HK\TW] by Circes Public (212.01 MB)

What does a vr basement club for young chinese people look like? Luxury cars and fastfood??? Since VRchat has been quite a western-centric experience for me so far I thought I’d check out one of the few and obviously chinese places on VRchat, to like try to have a few conversations with people in Chinese. It was….  an absolutely humbling experience. I struggle at understanding Chinese accents beyond my own limited knowledge of Singaporean / Malaysian / Taiwan accents. I just haven’t had much exposure to the diversity of chinese accents and dialects! To be honest, even the Beijing accent stumps me at times and I’ll bet I speak like a staccato robot in Chinese to them. I lack the vocabulary to hold a deep conversation, which is so frustrating! Some of the PRC VRchat users I chatted with were very kind and encouraging, saying I sounded native enough. Funny enough, I reckon they believed I was a young Chinese boy, because they later addressed me (in Chinese) as “Singaporean Brother” (新加坡兄弟)

Also, you know how (english-speaking) people sometimes roam around in VRchat saying “GIMME MONEY! GIMME MONEY!”? Well the Chinese version of that is (in chinese) “GIMME Q币” (给我QP – pronounced as “q-bi” but sounded a lot like q-pi to me, referring to qq coin, a virtual currency for tencent qq).

14. Rainy Road — by Bia_Kawaii_Br Public 26.73 MB

Just checking out another popular location. Similar to the Dream Train at #7 on this list, this is a “cozy two floor MotorHome on an infinite Highway in the Rain”. You can get a view of a distant city in the background. I suppose it could be a nice spot to have a date and you can sit on the roof and not even really get wet.

15. 九龍-kowloon- — by Mikawaya_Aoi Public (31.21 MB)

Ah, Kowloon City, of course someone has made it. I’ve hung out in the Second Life Kowloon many a time, naturally someone has already made the VRchat version, with lots of trash bags and nonsensical neon sounds and chinoiserie of a romanticised cyberpunk dumpster. The world is not lit, it appears to have been baked in, so my avatar appears dark even in a bright room. Further investigations on how to do lighting right are required, clearly.

16: Big Al‘s Avatar Corridors by Big Al (11.48 MB)

I started checking out Avatar Worlds because I’d walk around places and some users would offer to give me a skin or even berate my noobie avatar for having a default skin. One of the places that comes up tops on VRchat is Big Al’s Avatar Corridors and I guess there are a lot of kiddy avatars here, a lot which borrow from big brand name characters like disney and smurfs but look like cheap knockoffs.

17: 100 Avatars — by PolygonalMind (32.11 MB)

I went to this other Avatar World to find more and it was a bit more acceptable. This is where all the sticks of butter and jam jars with spindly arm avatars comes from. Still… too cartoony for me. Beginning to question what kind of avatar I really want to have, or need to have.

18: ~Raccooninnit~ & Friend’s Avatar World — by ~Raccooninnit~ Public 68.06 MB

You could say that with a name that included the word Raccoon I should have known this was a furry avatar world. RACCOONS, INNIT??? It is in fact a furry BOOBY avatar world. :-/ I decided to click on the one and only thumbnail which didn’t have BOOBS in it (It just had a rainbow) But It was still something furry with wings and fancy neon hair and of course…. massive boobs. The room also clearly had a lot of children in it because the children were freaking about about the boobs, like OH MY GAWD LOOK I HAVE BOOBS. Is it because I played it at lunchtime again and this is when all the 12 year olds from the US are still up playing? Sorry, I’ve been breastfeeding my baby for 2.5 years now and I have a completely different reaction to boobs now.

19: PsychoUpdates Avatars — by PsychoUpdates Public 25.05 MB

So I was yearning to find an avatar that was a little more humanoid, not furry, not sexy, and not completely cartoony so I ended up with this other avatar world that probably attracts all the depressed teenagers and I chose this avatar here because it literally has the hairdo at one point of my life. Pretty sure I have a blog or livejournal with a picture in which my hair is like this. Lolz. I also had a goth/black metal phase when I was a teenager so totally can relate. Except I think this is like not metal, this is trap music, Sewer sidal teen avatar e-boy land someone said to me. They didn’t say e-girl. To be honest, I think everyone thinks that I’m a little boy when I speak with my voice. Where are the mumsnetters huh?? Where are my fellow momtokkers?? I feel a little alienated here…

It is at this point that I realise that I’ve been viewing everyone’s fallback avatar. In the “dressing room”, it occurs to me that people are posing in front of the mirror after clearly having clicked on the avatars but they still look like the same stock avatars that everyone starts with. Rabbithead, green toothbrush, himiko, that grey furry wolf…. etc. It was my safety settings. My bad, it turns out that a lot of us have downloaded this exact same avatar. I guess its a popular one. (In fact, this is something that I continue to hear as I walk around – “HEY! I USED TO HAVE THAT AVATAR!”)

20: Winter Company — by Lucifer MStar Public 59.4 MB

Another cosy world by the same person who made the world in #3 – London Solitude. Haven’t got much to say about this experience here, the description says the world was entirely modelled in Blender.

21: McDonald’s — by VR_Jen Public 34.23 MB

I loved this one, especially the playground. If you get run over by the cars, you’ll get a GTA-style WASTED overlay on your screen. I love the playground equipment which just works in VR. I wanna make a VR playground in my world too! (Also, I discovered that my character can dole out the FINGER)

22: The Backrooms — by Zayee Public 58.31 MB

This is like one of those liminal spaces tiktok channels except its really really crowded in here and if your avatar is too huge it will noclip out of existence. These worlds don’t really work so well, they only attract people with their thumbnail but there’s not much to do here really. Were there any mirrors even?

23: Truth or Dare — by Street0r Public 22.53 MB

This is a room in which you can play a truth or dare game and the participants are capped at 20 but no one knows how to play and someone will load up their giant kermit frog avatar or whatever and its very distracting. So much yelling. But I got to sit on someone’s avatar who was a Pringles can. I wonder how I can make interactive avatars like that with a sit-zone…

24: Trap Memory — by Street0r Public 17.22 MB

This world is connected to the Truth or Dare world. Its a memory game where you flip cards with cute anime girls on it. It’s not a big world, but what I liked about it here was the sound. It sounded like some guy humming a song. Which is what I hear a lot of in VRchat. people singing. Maybe whatever world I build should have a lot of original humming soundtracks.

25: New Hazbin Hotel REVIVED — by EzzyBuild Public 72.2 MB

Tbh I did not know of the Hazbin Hotel animation before visiting this world so this is all lost upon me. Nice… hotel… anyway? The doors don’t work. There’s a jukebox that plays music from youtube.

26:[JP] Tutorial world — by tamsco274 Public 14.97 MB

I have forgotten all my years of Japanese classes. I can’t read Japanese. What am I doing here.

27: Hwabon Night(화본역) — by Bepsi Train Public 61.05 MB

I decided to turn into a giant scary skeleton thingy and visited this snowy peaceful korean countryside train stop. Its nice to walk through a place as a big thing sometimes. Features included a teleport to the moon where you could sit and watch people, but I suspect I was disturbing the peace by being so big…

28: Freddy’s Custom Pizzeria — by Fraca Public 72.1 MB

I had previously turned myself into a big scary skeleton thingy and tbh I wasn’t sure if people were seeing me or my fallback avatar. But when I got to this Pizzeria I was very sure they could see me. Because the players inside the pizzeria started comically shouting “NO DON’T LET THE SCARY MONSTER IN!” But then I told them I was very nice and friendly and they said “Oh it says it is friendly. Well in that case please come in.” And there was a jolly sort of party inside.

29: Udon Bird Sanctuary — by 1029chris Public 39.24 MB

Why don’t I have any pictures of the geese? The floor wasn’t rendering right in my photo camera. But here at the Udon Bird Sanctuary, I had fun trading avatars with other newbies and throwing fruit at the geese. A pretty chilled space where some English-speaking European blokes (apparently english must have been their common language) were huddled by the rocks discussing the rising cost of living and coping with life in deadend jobs – whilst some chinese dudes turned into giant kermits having a hooting chinese conversation above.

30: Beacon Library — by Steve The Mitochondria Public 58.9 MB

Another adult-animation inspired universe. A huge library space you can walk around in. Again, I was unfamiliar with RWBY before stepping in here, so it is lost upon me. But fundamentally I like libraries.

31: FiveSkies — by Juice․․․ Public 68.54 MB

Possibly the best experience I’ve been to so far. Reminded me of the early days in SL searching for the Money Tree’s notes hidden in the floor. I happened to bump into a bunch of guys from shandong who explained to me (confusingly for me, in chinese) that I had to collect the rocks. Here you can traverse 5 different skies and collect shards of a crystal which unlocks a crystal avatar. You can see your progress, and the shards are also small enough to be challenging to find. The environment is lovely to look at, with switches to flip, different effects, and hidden teleport zones to find.

We interrupt this list to announce that at this point I had leveled from Visitor to New User!
So I have reached my goal of being able to upload worlds and avatars! Wahooey!

Unfortunately Quest 2 doesn’t have the feature that reflects the accurate gameplay time, so I can only estimate it. I reckon I spend about 10-15 min each in world before I move on to the next. (Of course, I do spend shorter time in some worlds and spend longer in others). Assuming a generous 10-15min per world and about 30+ worlds I’ve visited, I estimate that I have probably have spent between 6-8 hours in-world so far. I have 12 friends, and now when you look at Deebeebee’s profile on vrchat.com there’s a blue outline around my profile.

32: Kitchen Cooksǃ — by Jar Public 16.34 MB 

This is a little self-contained kitchen diner with a functioning kitchen. You can sear a steak on the pan, assemble a fast food meal, wash the dishes and play a sort of Cooking game. Or just be very unhygienic and throw all the food on the floor. Most of the players I’ve encountered there took the roleplaying quite seriously as either cook or customer. The only thing that bothered me was the casual racism relating to food even amongst children playing vrchat. I say children because nearly ALL of the people coming to this public world that I’ve met were all CLEARLY CHILDREN. Parents of North America, what are you doing letting your young children play VRchat so late at night? When a chinese-speaking + chinese-accented player arrived and tried to join in, some of the other (North American accented) children started ordering “Dog meat”. Yeah, real mature.

33: ケセドのひな祭り-CHESED’s HINAMATSURI- — by ケセドCHESED Public 25 MB

This is a beautiful set piece of a community lab world where you can pose and take pictures in a virtual sort of shinto festival of “Doll’s Day” or “Girls’ Day”. A world that was made for screenshots really. Just in time for 3 March in real life.

34: Nightlife Bikini Bottom Downtown — by The Freeze Public 131.38 MB

A nighttime vaporwave remix of spongebob’s bikini bottom, this community lab world feels like it is still in progress and the playable area is actually much more constrained. They also clearly did not put any reflection probes in the world so your avatar is hella dark / unlit. I like the build towering over the players, but the detail is shockingly shockingly low. It looks better on these screenshots than it does in person. I wanted to walk over to see the Krusty Krab up close but found myself up against an invisible barrier. I was in a public instance of this world with 2 other players and they were specifically creeping around and trying to hide from me when I could obviously see them and was actually subtly following them. “OH SHIT HE CAN SEE US” one of them whispered loudly enough for me to hear.

35: Wheel chair avatar world — by AfroArtist Public 5.4 MB

This is a nasty collection of troll avatar with wtf gifs emanating from them, distorted meme models seated upon wheelchairs. Well, it was my fault for clicking on it in the first place. The world is also just 5.4MB big. In name alone, it did intrigue me a little though, the idea that these avatars were intentionally seated in wheelchairs instead of having feet when they could, but this is not inclusive or any sort of disablity advocacy here. Anyone who would really use these avatars must really be masochistic and hate themselves and just want to punish themselves by donning these avatars. This is just the uninteresting trollish side of meme culture, I guess.

36: Restoran Bakwan Ikan Indonesia — by Reynaldy Public 36.12 MB

Apparently this restaurant is from Garry’s Mod but what do I know. I have never actually played Garry’s Mod but it has always been on my radar, these sort of aimless games. Bakwan is supposed to be some sort of fritter so I guess this is like indonesian fishcakes (ikan) or something? I quite like the smattering of Bahasa in the signages that gives us a little bit of a feel of an otherwhere. But its quite generic by most standards. The basement has some trash bags in it. There’s also a bed in the restaurant. Someone appears to have been building a music player in the bedroom and it consists of these grey blocks you can click.

37: やこいえ — by 狐森夜狐# Public 76.44 MB

This world is advertised by the picture of a cute cat in a cup so it looks like it would be a toony cute world but actually its a very normie aspirational house build – like a really earnest one you might find on Second Life. I am noticing a lot of “common” items like mirrors, clocks, flat looking UI, user counters, pencils, etc. Where do these come from? Is there a big repository of these add-on packages? I guess I will find out once I start to build my VRchat world…

38: Surf_Udon — by IgbarVonSquid Public 28.18 MB

Tbh I did not know about CS:GO Surf but another player told me that this is supposed to be a CS:GO Surf physics clone in which you can “run” on the walls. Reminds me slightly of the Yupitergrad VR gameplay. This world has a “All-chat function” which means that you can opt to hear everyone playing the game even if they’re at the other end of the room. Really handy if you really want to play but also want to chat with people. Also there are lots of free knives. KNIFE TRICKS!

39: Chill Bedroom — by polemik victor Public 33 MB

From the thumbnail, you’d have thought this was a 3d modelled chill bedroom, but actually, it is just a super basic room with random pictures of chill bedrooms stolen from the internet.
Here, I was also patronised by children.
“Hey! Are you shy? Don’t be shy. Come over and talk to me. This is Dylan.”
**Dylan floats over and screeches at me. Both the speaker and Dylan sound like they are 5**
Meanswhile, in another corner of the room, someone bursts in and their audio appears to be <ADULT CONTENT> noises. The 5 year olds are like “EW”. By now, I know that this trolling is likely the work of another underaged VRchat user trying to pretend to be older than they really are.
Fortunately, at this moment I have to quit the game because my toddler saves me by bursting in and screeching herself:
Will you be wanting to go on VRchat when you are 5, Bean?

We interrupt this post for a wefie.

My real-life friend Shaz joined me on VRChat where we ended up playing as tiny dogs with a random 12 year old with lightsabers and going to a snowy cabin where we were told it was snowing in New Hampshire. After that, we visited the Mcdonalds which is having some sort of Furby related event at the moment and tiny furbies are everywhere…