Field Recording: Paris Musique Kiosk, 9 Sept 2012

Field Recording: Paris Musique Kiosk, 9 Sept 2012




Just a brilliant day at the park, with a big band playing in the kiosk. In the middle of the recording, a very small child walks into my leg and looks up at me, perplexed as to why my leg has gotten into his way. His mother can be heard coming over, apologising and then whisking him away…

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  1. Actually I just use my iphone + the griffin iTalk app to record these things! And a very little bit of editing in Audacity.

    However, if you did record with Zoom H2 or H4 (which i have also used before) you would actually hear a difference in quality (it would be even more crisp), but honestly one doesn't always walk around with audio recorder ready in hand all of the time, whereas I always carry my phone…

  2. Also, it was funny but everyone in the park was hiding and standing BEHIND the band in the shade – because there was a lot of sun in front of the area in front directly of the band. I think it sounded so much better standing in front of them!