Growing Mushrooms, Moss and Lavender – Part II (1 year later)

Growing Mushrooms, Moss and Lavender – Part II (1 year later)

About one year ago (See Part I) I attempted to grow some mushrooms, moss, and lavender. Nothing happened to the mushroom spawn or the moss for ages and I completely forgot about the mushroom bog roll under a box for almost a whole year, but the good news is that one year on they are actually still well and alive!

Growing Mushrooms – UNEXPECTED SUCCESS


I used a bog roll as the growing media for some oyster mushroom spawn that I had bought online. It was done on the spur of the moment and not in a particularly sterile manner at the time. I hadn’t looked under the box for months – this was because absolutely nothing happened for months and I had almost given up on it. Then I went away to Berlin for the summer, and came back 3 months later to SURPRISE OYSTER MUSHROOM. This one that bust out of the bog roll is hard as a shelf. I’m confused about the timeline or life cycle of an oyster mushroom now. I might have another go at this but this time maybe following the, um, growing instructions a bit more closely…

Growing Moss – SUCCESS



I’m glad to say that the moss population on our balcony has increased significantly over the summer.

Growing Lavender – SUCCESS


Georges II the Lavender Plant is still alive two years on! The secret has been to NOT GIVE THE PLANT ANY ATTENTION AT ALL. Lavender apparently just needs some rude ignoring and no fussing as overwatering kills lavender plants, which easily drown in too much water. I’m pretty pleased that by carefully ignoring it, it has thrived two years!

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